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Saudi Arabia and Egypt carry out joint drills

February 14, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Saudi Arabian and Egyptian armed forces have begun joint military exercises in the Western Area of Saudi Arabia aimed at improving the technical competence of troops as well as the tactical training of army officers and commanders.

An official statement issued by the spokesman of the Egyptian defence ministry said: “Egyptian soldiers have departed to participate in the Tabouk 3 joint training exercises comprised of infantry, artillery, armour and air defence weapons units from both countries.”

Deputy Saudi ground army chief, Staff Major General Fahd ibn Torki, visited the headquarters of the military exercises and met several senior Saudi and Egyptian military officials. He was briefed about what was achieved from the exercises.

Ibn Torki hailed the distinctive performance of both armies and expressed his hopes that these drills had achieved the prospective goals of the leaders of both countries. During his visit to Egyptian baracks, Ibn Torki welcomed the Egyptian forces and told them that Saudi was their second home.

For his part, Egyptian Staff Major General Adel Abul-Dooh thanked Ibn Torki for his visit and thanked Saudi for the warm reception and hospitality.

Tabouk 3 is a part of a series of military exercises carried out between Saudi Arabia and friendly neighbouring countries aimed at raising the common military performance under different circumstances.