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Assad regime seizes the property of Al-Jazeera presenter, Faisal Al-Qassem

Syria's ministry of finance has issued an order to seize the transferable and non-transferrable funds of the prominent Al-Jazeera TV personality Faisal Al-Qassem. The Assad regime accuses the host of the popular program, "The Opposite Direction", of conspiracy against the state and the instigation of a civil war.

Al-Jazeera net website quoted the Syrian Revolution newspaper, which is linked to the regimes as saying that the charges also included Qassem's use of his farm to manufacture explosives, as well as harbour and fund what it called "terrorist groups".


It is worth mentioning that the "Opposite Direction" program devoted several episodes to the crisis in Syria, since the start of the uprising almost 2 years ago. He has hosted many figures from amongst the supporters as well as opponents of the Syrian regime.


Many members of Al-Jazeera's staff have been targeted in the past by the Syrian regime since the outbreak of protests. Last month, one reporter, Muhammad Al-Masalma (Al-Horani), was killed by a sniper in Dara'a.

The program "The Opposite Direction" devoted several episodes of the crisis in Syria, which is experiencing a revolution about two years ago demanding overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad and killed tens of thousands, which hosted the figures supporting and opposing the Syrian regime.

The number of targeted crews island by the Syrian regime since protests erupted last was peaceful reporter Mohammed (Hourani) who was killed by a sniper in Daraa last month.

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