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Egypt looks to Asia to boost economic ties

February 17, 2014 at 11:16 pm

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Amr Mohamed Kamel, has arrived in the Chinese capital Beijing at the start of an Asian tour which will include visits to Japan and South Korea. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the tour is intended to “revive and activate Egypt’s economic and trade relations with the region”.

Amr Rushdie added that the Foreign Ministry is seeking to counter the recent focus on relations with countries to the north and west of Egypt, which was done by the previous regime at the expense of its historic links to Arab, African and Asian nations. “The Minister will also set out to explain the nature of the political transition phase in Egypt to reassure the business communities and investors about the stability of the country,” said Mr. Rushdie. “Our government guarantees their investment, and encourages them to resume and, indeed, increase tourism to Egypt.” He pointed out that the Foreign Minister has already visited a number of African states to restore their once good links.

Mr. Kamel will head from Asia straight to Baghdad to attend the Arab summit in the Iraqi capital.