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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls for million-man march to support Morsi's decisions

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on all national, revolutionary and youths forces to stand in public squares across the country on Sunday following the early evening prayer (Maghreb prayers) to show support for the Egyptian president’s decisions. They also called for a million-man march in Abdeen Palace Square (in front of the presidential residence) next Tuesday for the same objective.

The Organisation’s statement said, “at a time when the legitimate elected authority, represented by the republic’s president and the elected general constituent, are seeking to put the country’s constitution in order; to complete the constitutional institutions and project which aim at filling the constitutional vacuum experienced by the country since the fall of the previous regime; to conduct a referendum on the constitution and hold the parliamentary elections which will lead to a state of stability; to achieve security in the country; to protect the revolution and its gains; to rotate the wheel of production and attract foreign investment that will contribute to achieving the economic prosperity and social justice – many forces are seeking to prevent the achievement of these goals by requesting the dissolution of the constituent assembly assigned to putting the constitution in place and disrupting the completion of the constitution. In this way they are preventing parliamentary elections and depriving the nation and the people of having a legislative and regulatory authority. The country thus remains in chaos as a prelude for overthrowing the elected regime and jumping on power.”

In its statement, the Organisation said: “while many popular votes have called for revolutionary actions to protect the country, complete the institutions and achieve stability, when the president responded to theses revolutionary national demands through an unconstitutional declaration…, the vast majority of Egyptian people welcomed these decisions and came out in several demonstrations to declare their support. This was reflected in the opinion polls that were conducted by different media outlets”.

The Organisation criticized counter-demonstrators who chanted obscene slogans as well as the groups of thugs who destroyed and burnt the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party in Alexandria and other cities. Other protesters attacked police soldiers with incendiary bottles, stones and set fire to public and private institutions.

The statement also criticized the “irresponsible calls for escalation, sabotage and the disabling of the country’s facilities. All of these calls are unwise considering the country’s national interests; they do not respect the popular will or the majority which the principle of democracy that everyone claims to respect is based on.”