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Former Sudanese president says Arab Spring will bring Palestinian issue "back to the fore"

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Former Sudanese President Field Marshal Abdul Rahman Swar Al-Dahab has praised the popular revolutions in the Arab world, describing them as “an important Arab achievement which will bring the Palestinian issue back to the forefront of international attention.” He added that the implications will be positive for Arab liberation.

In an exclusive statement to Quds Press, Al-Dahab expressed his belief that the price paid by the Arabs for their freedom from tyranny and the establishment of democracy was too high. “However,” he said, “after the success of the popular revolts in overthrowing tyranny, the Arab situation is promising, as the revolutions reflect the aspirations and dreams of the nation.” Despite the instability that is still experienced by the Arab countries, “freedom is worth the sacrifice”.

Al-Dahab denied that the success of the Arab popular revolts would have a negative influence on the Palestinian issue: “The current situation encourages optimism. I think that the success of the revolts is a success for the people who have supported the Palestinian cause for many years; their rulers were the only obstacle for them to stand by the Palestinians.”

The ex-president ruled out the possibility of a revolution in his home country. “Sudan is far from being in need of a popular revolt as we have a tremendous amount of freedom and democracy already. Our elections were noted by many international institutions for their impartiality and fairness, so there is no case for a revolution in Sudan, even if a number of opposition forces have called for it; they are weak and won’t have popular support.”