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Hamas calls on Arab League to boycott French companies complicit with the Occupation

The Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas – has strongly criticised two French companies, Alstom and Veolia, for constructing a tramline in the occupied West Bank. Upon completion, the tramline would connect Jerusalem with the illegal Jewish settlements in the territory. This, according to Hamas officials, amounts to complicity with the Occupation and its settlements.
In a press release issued on Thursday, April 26, Hamas called on the French government and the European Union to take tougher measures against companies that support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

"We strongly condemn the implementation of the tramway project by the French companies to connect the city of Jerusalem with the Zionist settlements; this step by the Alstom and Veolia constitutes a flagrant breach of humanitarian law; and a clear violation of official French policy, which regards Israel's settlement activity as illegitimate," the press release read.

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