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Jewish settlers break into Al-Aqsa with government minister and Knesset members

February 17, 2014 at 11:17 pm

A group of illegal Jewish settlers, accompanied by an Israeli government minister and a number of members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament), broke into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday morning, 17 May, amid a state of alert and while being heavily guarded by Israeli occupation forces.

Mahmoud Abu Atta, a spokesman for the Al-Aqsa for Endowment and Heritage Foundation, told Quds Press that a state of tension is prevailing in occupied Jerusalem after the incident. The 24 settlers, the minister and MKs, as well as journalists, made suspicious circuits of the mosque courtyards during the incursion.

Mr. Abu Atta pointed out that during the next days and weeks Israeli Jews will be celebrating the forty-fifth anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem, what they call “the unification” of the city. At this time, he said, there will be many such incursions and attacks against Al-Aqsa and other holy sites.