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Morsi will stand with the Palestinians

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

The newly elected President of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Morsi, has told the audience at his inauguration ceremony that the state and people will stand with the Palestinians until they get their full, legitimate rights. His presidency, he insisted, will also work towards Palestinian reconciliation and the restoration of Palestinian land and sovereignty.

According to Morsi, the previous regime didn’t pay attention to Egypt’s national security and reduced its standing in the regional and international community. He pledged to rebuild the country so that its real weight will be felt in international affairs.


“We carry a message of peace to the world, and before that a message of fairness and justice,” said the President, laying emphasis on international treaties and agreements. “We don’t export the revolution; we do not interfere in the affairs of peoples or states; and we do not, at the same time, allow anyone to interfere in our affairs.” He stressed that as the people build the new Egypt, they will never break away from the Arab and Islamic nations. “We do not set out to antagonise anyone in the world but we declare our support for the people to regain their sovereignty.”


Today, added Morsi, Egypt supports the Palestinian people and the Syrian people: “The bloodshed in Syria must end; to our people and brothers in Syria I say this: we will make every effort to help you in the near future, God willing.”

President Morsi said that he will work to activate joint Arab action within the framework of the Arab League, including the common Arab defence agreement and the Arab common market. “If Egypt is developed,” he said, “all Arabs get developed.” He emphasised that the new Egypt will not accept any violation of Arab national security and will stand firm against all the challenges it faces.