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Most Israelis believe elimination of poverty is more urgent than security

The Annual Report of a major Israeli NGO claims that 69 per cent of Israelis believe that poverty is the most urgent problem facing the state and it is more important than security. Issued by latet Israeli Humanitarian Aid, the report said that the acute financial problems among struggling families have a significant political influence.

When it comes to choosing a party to vote for in the coming elections, 56 per cent said that policies on poverty will have a significant influence on their choice, while 42 per cent cited the current government as being most responsible for their poverty.

Only one in four Israelis feels the country is providing a bright future for their children. The report found that 10 per cent of children who live in impoverished families receiving support resorted to begging, up from just three per cent in 2011.

One in three reported that their household income allows just a minimal standard of living. Around 27 per cent of parents reported that they and their children had sometimes gone for a whole day without food, an increase from 21 per cent in 2011.

Nearly 95 per cent reported that they were required to give up on some basic items because of their financial situation and 63 per cent said they were unable to buy the medicines they need.

The report was based on information gathered by Latet's research department together with 100 charity directors.

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