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Palestinian minister meets Lebanese Prime Minister

February 17, 2014 at 1:50 am


The Palestinian Minister for Waqf and Religious Affairs in Gaza Ismail Redwan handed on Monday to the Lebanese Prime Minister Najeeb Meqati a letter from his Palestinian counterpart in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh.

The letter reiterated the necessity to give more attention to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon as well as it acknowledged the deep relationship between both the Palestinian and Lebanese nations.

Redawan said that he discussed the situation of the Palestinian refugees in the refugee camps in Lebanon with Meqati. He concentrated his discussion around the critical situation in Nahrul Barid refugee camp, and asked Meqati to lift the security measures imposed on it.

“We asserted on the right of return as a holy right and said that the Palestinian existence in Lebanon and the other hosting countries is temporary and is conditioned to the return to their land,” Redwan said.

“We asked for more pressure on the UNRWA, he said, to bear its responsibilities in the refugee camps in Lebanon and to urge the donors, who are meeting in Kuwait this month, to offer an urgent and fast aid to the Palestinian refugees.”

Regarding the dossier of the internal reconciliation, Redwad told Meqati that the Palestinian government in Gaza and Hamas are truly obligated achieving the Palestinian unity. He said that Hamas carried out several steps as good-will gestures towards the internal reconciliation.

Redwan concluded: “We passed the greetings of his excellency the Palestinian Prime Minister, his government and the Palestinians to the Lebanese and to their government. We thanked them for hosting the Palestinians in the refugee camps and we also invited the Lebanese Prime Minister to visit the Gaza Strip.”