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Presence of US forces in Jordan "violates sovereignty"

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

The Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front has condemned the presence of US troops in Jordan, saying that it “violates Jordanian sovereignty”. Hamza Mansour made his comments after reports claimed that foreign forces and “consultants” had arrived in Jordan to advise on the Syrian regime’s threat to use chemical weapons against its neighbours. Mansour demanded that all non-Jordanian forces should leave the country.

“Although a regime like Assad’s, which kills its own people, including woman, children and the elderly, could use worse weapons against neighbouring countries like Jordan and Turkey,” argued Mansour, “the IAF rejects the use of foreign forces to deal with such a threat.”

He noted that it’s better to seek support from the Arab region and to make use of its experience in dealing with such threats instead of bringing-in foreigners who will set conditions on Jordan. “They won’t do or give anything for free,” he said. “The concept of seeking help from foreigners is not right.”