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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denounces Israeli 'piracy' and calls for full opening of Rafah border

February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm

The Organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called for Gaza’s land crossing with Egypt to be fully opened to both individuals and goods.

Currently only the movement of individuals is being allowed across the border as well as goods that have not been arbitrarily banned by Israeli authorities.

In a statement released by the Brotherhood, it said that in light of Israel having prevented the freedom flotilla from reaching Gaza, “We ought to blame ourselves before blaming Israel” and called for a “shake up in the policy of humiliation and dependence followed by ousted president, Hosni Mubarak, through Egypt assuming the responsibility to break the siege and protect Gaza.”

The Organisation strongly criticised what it called Israeli ‘arrogance’ and the way in which it had dealt with the French “Dignité/Karama” (Dignity) boat on its way to break the siege on Gaza. It confirmed that “Israel would not have perpetrated this serious violation of international law, the UN Charter and the General Declaration of Human Rights, if it did not have blind US and European support for its policies.”

The statement described the Western attitude to the Israeli interception of the Dignité and its detention of those aboard as a ‘huge crime’ asserting that Israel was a ‘pampered friend’ of the West. The statement also denounced the ‘French silence’ regarding an attack against a ship flying a French flag and carrying a number of French citizens.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood demanded that France and other Western countries change their accounts and policies with regard to the region “if they want to preserve their interests with Arab states, particularly in light of the revolutions that have reshaped the faces of these states.”

Last Tuesday (19.07), Israeli forces intercepted the Dignité which had set sail in solidarity with Gaza and was the only ship in Freedom Flotilla 2 which managed to evade capture by the Greek Navy and sail toward the besieged sector.

Israeli Commando Forces took control of the boat in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It detained the 16 activists aboard and later deported them to their respective countries.