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Gaza hospitals left in the dark

February 20, 2014 at 3:29 pm


Constant power cuts in the Gaza Strip has left hospital patients relying on electricity generators that produce ten minutes worth of electricity every now and again.

Hospital units have had to manage surgery and emergency aid in dire conditions. Patients on dialysis are also suffering from lack of electricity meaning they are unable to have regular dialysis sessions.

Households have to cope without electricity for long spells during the day, which adversely affects the lives of all and the sick and those with special needs in particular.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has stated that the worsering electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip had led to a sudden breakdown in alternative electricity generators in the Al-Shifa Hospital on Thursday morning, which led to power outages for two sections of surgery, including the obstetrics unit for atleast ten minutes.

The director of engineering and maintenance in the Ministry of Health warned of the danger resulting from the use of generators for extended periods because of power cuts which are not equipped for prelonged use and susceptible to breaking down. He highlights that one of the reasons that generators continue to breakdown is the poor quality of the fuel being used. Moreover, the Occupying forces’ continued siege of the Strip means that there is very limited access to spare parts to repair generators.

While the inhumane siege continues, Palestinians who in any other country would have been easily treated are left in limbo as their treatments are dependent on medical equipment needing continuous flow of electricity and/or good quality fuel.


MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad