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Israel sends SOS to world leaders to "save" Mubarak

February 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Hebrew newspaper sources have revealed the existence of an “urgent” message sent by the Israeli government at the end of last week to a number of world leaders. Aimed particularly at the US and the EU, Israel is appealing to the leaders to “save” Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

In its 31 January Hebrew edition, Haaretz said that the Israeli government has resorted to sending secret communications to a number of world leaders in which it has stressed the importance of Egypt’s stability to the security and stability of the region as a whole. The messages also call for restraint in public criticism of Mubarak. Political sources in Israel highlight the importance of Egypt’s stability for the Zionist state, suggesting that any “fundamental” change in the Cairo regime would lead to an “upheaval in the notion of Israeli security”

Following official statements issued by a number of western states, including one which asserts, “The west is weary of the Mubarak regime”, the Israeli government was quick to send out its messages through its embassies around the world.

Haaretz also confirmed that the Israelis have rejected the American and European positions with regard to developments in Egypt which call for greater respect for human rights and democracy. Tel Aviv believes that “Washington and the European Union are pandering to public opinion and are not considering their real interests.”

It is expected that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel today; their meeting will focus on the situation in Egypt.

Source: Quds press service