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Israeli Labour Party considers withdrawal from coalition

February 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

The Israeli Labour Party is considering a withdrawal from the country’s ruling coalition because it is “not making any progress in the peace process”. The party’s Yitzhak Herzog, a Minister in the coalition, stressed the need to take an urgent decision on the question of whether to stay in the coalition or not.

Speaking at a Labour Party meeting on Monday, 11 October, Mr. Herzog said that the issue has become “pressing”, with “the land burning under our feet”. The media in the Zionist state reported that the party has been experiencing internal tensions which may lead it to topple Ehud Barak from his position as Labour leader. “This,” claims the media, “is due to his political mistakes and his stances which can topple the party.”

Barak has admitted that he made a mistake by not following fellow Labour ministers’ opinions before the cabinet’s discussion of the citizenship bill, but was adamant that he is not apologising for his view and the amendment he proposed.