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Most Israelis oppose withdrawal to 1967 borders

An opinion poll conducted by Israel's Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs has revealed that 77 percent of Israelis oppose withdrawal from the occupied West Bank to the borders of pre-June 1967. This large majority oppose such a deal even it will bring peace with the Arab states and bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The idea of withdrawal was rejected "unequivocally", according to the poll results published in the Israeli media. Three-quarter of the Israelis polled believe that the country needs to maintain its occupation forces on Palestinian territory.

When asked about the status of Jerusalem, 85 percent want to see a unified city under Israeli sovereignty, while 75 percent of those polled do not want to see control over Al-Aqsa Mosque passed to the Palestinians. They would also want to see control of the Buraq (Western/Wailing) Wall retained by Israel under any agreement reached with a future Palestinian state or other entity.

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