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Opinion Poll: Israeli youths more right-wing and less committed to democracy

An opinion poll conducted by an Israeli public opinion institute has revealed that the Israeli youth is now more racist and right-wing than in previous years and is far less committed to democracy.

According to the results of the survey carried out by the Dahaf Institute, the importance of democracy fell from second place in 1998 (26%) to third place in 2010 (14.3%). First place was usurped in 2010 by the idea of "Jewishness" as a national goal, scoring 26% after having been in third place in 1998 with a ratio of 18.1%.

The poll revealed that 46% of Jewish settler youths who responded said they would prefer that basic political rights be withdrawn from Arabs such as the right to be elected to the Knesset. Similarly, 25% of respondents said they felt hatred toward Arabs, while 12% said that they felt fear toward them. It also revealed that 60% of Jewish youths said they would prefer "strong leadership" to "strong authority".

Source: Quds Press Service

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