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Settlers burn down al-Mughir village mosque in revenge attack

February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm

Residents from al-Mughir village north west of the Ramallah district have stated that they awoke on Monday morning to find that the majority of the mosque had been burnt down.
The head of the village council, Faraj al-Nisan, said that worshippers were surprised when they headed to the dawn prayers to find that the mosque had been set on fire. They found burning tyres inside the building which presumably set it and a large portion of its contents ablaze and cracking its walls. Hebrew graffiti was also found scrawled on the mosques external walls with the message “this is the beginning of the revenge”.

Mr al-Nisan stated that the ‘Ala Ad’ settlers who occupy land from both the al-Mughir and Qaryout villages had perpetrated the act. Residents of the village claim to have seen a group of Israeli soldiers near the mosque just before midnight on the previous night indicating that the arson attack was carried out under the protection of the occupation’s forces.
The head of the al-Mughir village council also explained that about a week about, the forces of the occupation evacuated a group of settlers who tried to set up an outpost on the south eastern territory of the village.