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Shin Bet accuses Al-Jazeera's Afghanistan correspondent of being a Hamas member

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Israel’s intelligence service, Shin Bet, has levelled a number of accusations against Al-Jazeera’s Afghanistan correspondent, Samer Allawi, including that of being a member of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas.
On Tuesday August 16, the Israeli military court before which Allawi testified decided to extend his remand after Shin Bet brought forward an indictment accusing him of being a member of Hamas and of having relations with its military leaders.


Allawi has completely denied the charges and asserted that the occupation authorities were trying to fabricate whatever they could against him; that his detention had been within the context of his journalistic work, and that investigations focused on his professional career, his social relationships, and his financial status. 
The defendant’s lawyer said that there is no likelihood that the Shin Bet has any evidence to support its accusations against the Al-Jazeera correspondent.
The occupation authorities arrested Samer Allawi, 46, on Tuesday, August 9, as he tried to cross into Jordan from the West Bank where he had been visiting his family in Nablus.