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Boycott campaign kicked off by 3000 volunteers

February 27, 2014 at 5:06 am

A campaign has been started in the occupied West Bank to boycott goods produced on Israel’s illegal settlements. More than 3000 Palestinian volunteers across the occupied territory are going from house to house urging Palestinians to take part.

“Every volunteer will give each family a pack which includes a directory of more than 500 products made in the settlements,” said the Minister of National Economy, Mr. Hassan Abu Libdah. The pack also contains written instructions, details of the legal situation and a free telephone number to report settlement goods which are on the shelves in Palestinian shops.

According to Mr. Abu Libdah, “Israeli exports to the Palestinian market amount to $3 billion, while Palestinian goods going the other way only add up to about $450 million. This indicates a defect in the trade balance agreed in Oslo, which was supposed to guarantee the Palestinian Authority an important share of the Israeli market.” Israel prevents Palestinian goods from reaching the wider market through its occupation restrictions and policies.

“Continued settlement activity constitutes a threat to peace and Israel’s own interests,” he added, “so we think it is appropriate to stop Palestinians being part of the settlements’ lifeline and our economy from being part of the economic support system required for these illegal settlements.”