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Israeli Politician: Freedom and Dignity in Israeli are only for Jews

February 28, 2014 at 10:47 am

An Israeli politician criticized the ill-treatment meted out to Palestinians in the country noting that there is no dignity and freedom except for Jews.

Shulamit Aloni, a former Education Minister of Israel, referred, in an article published yesterday (27/10), to a recent incident in Jerusalem which typified the manner Palestinians in Israel are treated.

The Israeli media had earlier covered the incident in which two young Arabs, were mistreated and humiliated by an Israeli border guard in Jerusalem. The officer asked them to stand against a wall so that one of the officers could beat their heads. The two Arabs were also kicked from behind and forced to take off their shirts with attempt to remove their trousers. While being humiliated, another police officer photographed the incident.  Later on, the two young men filed a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office against the attackers, but the office refused to consider the case arguing that it should be dealt with under the Internal Affairs and Police Unit jurisdiction.

Aloni said, “Such abuses, especially those accompanied by pictures and a state of euphoria, should not be ignored. Given the testimony and images, these “heroes” deserve to be tried for their crimes which include attacks and the abuse of authority; which usually end with a sentence of at least two-year imprisonment. Moreover, there are suspicions that the attacks committed involved additional crimes, such as the abuse of mental and physical health, and committing acts that are likely to be considered as a sexual abuse;” she says in her article.

The article, published by the Israeli, Why News Network criticized the Prosecutor’s response, saying that: “It was an impressive response to the extent that it would be appropriate to get it distributed on posters everywhere for everyone to see and know”, referring to  the Prosecutor office’s decision not to consider the case despite the availability of data and evidences that highlighted the “misbehavior” of the police officers and that what the two young men experienced was “light hitting” that did not cause a real harm.


Aloni ended her article noting, “By modifying the Basic Law as suggested, we will know that “dignity and liberty” in the Jewish state are only reserved for Jews.”

Source: Quds Press