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Egyptians for Democracy UK calls for peaceful restoration of democracy as January 25th revolution 3rd anniversary approaches

The following is a statement by Egyptians for Democracy UK:

Today, on the eve of the January 25th revolution three police stations were bombed in Cairo. Egyptians for Democracy UK calls on all Egyptians to avoid violence and seek a peaceful path towards the return of democracy in Egypt.

The third anniversary of the January 25th revolution signifies the importance of that date in Egyptian history. The January 25th revolution against Mubarak was the first time in history that Egyptians came together to remove an autocratic dictatorship and bring about the first free and fair democratic elections in Egypt.

President Mohamed Morsi was democratically elected in June 2012. The elections were the first free and fair democratic elections in Egypt, which brought about the first year in Egypt's history of democratic rule without military involvement.

In July 2013 General Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi conspired to and ousted President Mohamed Morsi in a coup d'├ętat. The coup led to waves of violence by the military against the protestors who opposed the usurping of power by Al-Sisi. Thousands of Egyptians were killed and wounded in the months following the coup. Thousands more have been illegally detained by the military. Currently, the democratically elected president of Egypt, scores of his elected colleagues and thousands more Egyptian protestors remain in detention.

An international legal team have found prima facie evidence of crimes against humanity. A complaint has been submitted to the International Criminal Court asking for an investigation into the situation in Egypt.

The January 25th revolutionaries sought to bring a peaceful, legitimate democracy to Egypt following years of imposed military rule. The violence and military rule now clouding Egypt was not the aim of the original revolution.

On the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution Egyptians for Democracy UK reaffirms its commitment to national unity, democracy and the rule of law. We emphasise the need to avoid all violence and the need to achieve our aims through peaceful means.

Mohammed Soudan speaking on behalf of the Freedom and Justice Party said 'We call on the people of Egypt to remain steadfast in their struggle to realise the objectives of the January 25th Revolution. We stand by the principles of the democratic process which led to the first freely elected government of Egypt.

Our way is not the path of violence but the path of democracy, unity and peace. I encourage the people of Egypt to stand by these principles and to avoid all forms of violence against people and property.' Egyptians for democracy UK calls on the people of Egypt to show support for democracy and stand against all forms of violence and repression. We deplore all acts of violence wherever they occur. We continue to stand against the military coup and seek a peaceful resolution to bring about the return of a civil, democratic government, accountable to the people of Egypt.

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