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Arab Spring 'will lead to democracy'

March 15, 2014 at 3:37 pm

The Middle East will change despite opposition groups who are resisting the changes, Qatar’s Foreign Minister said.

The Qatar News Agency reported Khalid Bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah’s remarks on the sidelines of the Munich Security and World Peace conference entitled “The Future of the Middle East”. The Minister added: “The change should take about a decade until democracy prevails and the region becomes a major power in the world.

“We can see the seeds of democracy in Tunisia and Yemen as well. Qatar is always optimistic. We believe the Arab Spring will achieve positive results. Qatar does not create virtual enemies, but wants to reach everyone and engage in dialogue with everyone.”

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the Gulf region enjoys homogeneity and harmony because of the social fabric which he said protects the area from any damages.

Al-Attiyah said: “During every conference; I am asked whether Qatar supports extremists groups. I believe the question stems from people’s amazement at the international community’s reluctance to deal with the Syrian crisis. Yet; who are the extremists in Syria?

“Are they the ones who invented the explosive barrels? Do you know what is stored in those barrels? Chemical weapons, cluster bombs, screws and glass. Did any of you see the effect of those barrels on the people being targeted by them including pregnant women, adults and children?

“We need to signal to the world that there is a just international community that deals with everyone on an equal basis.”

The Minister commented on the Iranian nuclear deal with the international community, saying that his country “welcomes the peaceful solutions. Iran is a neighbour of Qatar, and we must deal with it”.