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Ignoring the crimes in Sinai

March 15, 2014 at 12:27 pm

“Five MBH terrorists killed and three others arrested”. This was not an announcement of a pesticide company or pest control brand. This is not even an announcement by the Israeli army against Palestinians, nor is it part of a US announcement on the “War against Terrorism”.

Rather, it is a snap shot of an announcement made by an Egyptian army leader on his Facebook page a few days ago. He announcing to his followers with pride the great news that his regiment had successfully killed five Egyptians and arrested three others in Sinai. This was followed by encouraging and supporting comments.

In Sinai, where the strong kill the weak and those with arms kill those without, innocent people are being killed and tortured for no apparent reason except for the sake of enjoyment and brutality at the hands of military coup authorities. Their recently launched constitution is not being implemented and even their manipulated laws are not being followed.

Egypt has now become nothing but a sarcastic comic theatre. Moving very rapidly outside the margin and even outside the margin borders, it has exited all possible civilised criterions since the coup and is actively serving against all human rights. Violating all human rights and denying all forms of logic and reasoning for those who look for it.

An old speech by the military coup leader Al-Sisi was revealed a few days ago. It outlined the dangers of dealing with civilians as well as mercenaries in Sinai from Al-Sisi’s perspective. With no consideration taken to the issues they are facing and the difficulties in which they are living in that part of the country.

After the military-coup, he is now leading all forms of terrorist attacks against the people of Sinai with neither lucidity nor rationality.

When we mention Sinai, we have to also tackle the issue of “war against south Sudan”, which is also targeted by the military coup authorities. Concluding from both, these only serves the agendas of Israel.

The crimes taking place in Sinai have yet to attract the attention of any of the world’s media or human rights organisations. Like all media forms and venues in Egypt and the military-coup supporting countries, for some reason, human rights organisations have been silenced about all the violations which are taking place. The struggle and suffering of the people of Sinai have purposely been quietened.

The people of Sinai have become a target for the military coup’s false authorities; no one will open any files or investigations or even cry out. While people are preoccupied with the murder of peaceful, unarmed protestors, vans of tourists are being bombed in Sinai, while others freeze to death on Mount Sinai and St. Catherine.

All this results in Egypt being categorised a “danger zone” for tourists, further damaging Egypt’s economy. Historically, tourism was the largest source of income for Egypt.

In such an unjust jungle law zone, human rights violations have become the trend and way of living. Leaving you trapped between two choices; conquest or death. You either resist the military coup’s terrorism peacefully and unarmed, or you die at the hands of the weapons and bullets of your country’s armed forces.

When all this fear is caused by the false authorities, your only option is to resist and take a firm stance against the military coup in order to gain your freedom, dignity, legitimacy, human rights and justice.

We have the power of right and we must stand firm no matter how long it takes or how much we lose. Freedom and justice require our sacrifices and we will never give up.

The author is an Egyptian journalist

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.