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Egypt: Facebook quarrel between Tamarod and Popular Current leaders

Hossam Moanis, spokesperson of the Popular Current, directed a message to Mahmoud Badr, one of the founders of the Egyptian Tamarod, after the latter accused the members of the Popular Current of attempting to steal some of the Tamarod's official webpage because the Popular Current were one of the main participants in gathering signatures to overthrow Mohammed Morsi and what they labelled "Brotherhood rule".

On his Facebook page, Moanis urged Mahmoud Bader to stay out of the Egyptian Popular Current's internal affairs.

He said in his message: "It is very shameful, Mahmoud Badr, to accuse the members of the Popular Current of stealing Tamarod's webpage. You know that this was never and will never be our style, so please do not drag us into the internal affairs of the Tamarod movement. Moreover, it is not acceptable for you or for anyone else to attempt, neither in the past or in the future, to interfere in the internal affairs of the Popular Current. We know and you know that Tamarod was started on the backs of the Egyptian people and thanks to the thousands of the revolution's youth and political forces, including the Popular Current. Also, we both know that there are diverse and differences in views within Tamarod, as is the case with most political forces regarding their position towards the presidency. You are free to express your opinion and siding, but you must do so with respect, and must not continue to make false accusations against the Popular Current, its leaders, and its honourable members. As for our movement, we will uphold our principles, our respect, and our positions, regardless of the intensity of the disputes and distortion directed at us from you or others, not out of fear or concern for anything, but because we are and will remain bigger and better than that."

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