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50 Palestinians killed during current peace talks

Approximately 50 Palestinian citizens have been killed since the start of the current Palestinian-Israeli talks, Secretary General of the National Palestinian Initiative Mustafa Al-Barghouti said.

Al-Barghouti accused the Israeli occupation of exploiting peace talks to escalate operations against the Palestinians.

“What is going on now affirms our warning; the Israeli government uses talks to cover up its increasing settlements and crimes,” he said.

He also called for adopting different methods instead of negotiations and for widening the fields of popular resistance and imposing sanctions against Israel. This, he explained, “will deter Israel, as well as uniting the Palestinians”.

Al-Barghouti warned about any extension of peace talks past the April 29 deadline saying: “Extending negotiations means continuous settlement and crimes against the Palestinians.”

Regarding the excavations under the foundations of Al-Aqsa Mosque, he said that these would undermine the mosque and trigger a new intifada should any harm happened to the mosque.

He called for filing complaints in the International Criminal Courts against Israeli officials who were involved in killing Palestinian.

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