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Israeli forces kill two Syrians on the borders of the Golan Heights

On Friday night Israeli forces killed two Syrians near the border of the occupied Golan Heights and Syria, Israeli media said.

According to the Israeli media, three suspects were approaching the separation barrier in the Golan Heights and were noticed by forces operating there.

A statement by the Israeli forces said: “They were attempting to sabotage the operational infrastructure on the border. In response, the IDF attacked the suspects.”

The statement added: “The Israeli forces carried out wide operations to make sure that no explosive devices were planted around the security barrier.”

The Israeli security source said that the Israeli units opened fire on the three suspects; two were killed and the third disappeared. A wide search operation followed the incident to trace the fugitive.

Ofer Gendleman, spokesman of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, confirmed the incident. “Israeli forces opened fire on armed Syrians who attempted to infiltrate our lands in the Golan Heights and sabotage the security fence,” he tweeted. “It was confirmed both were hit.”

Recent weeks have witnessed a number of similar incidents on Israeli borders in the north with both Lebanon and Syria.

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