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Israeli minister: The PA isn't safe in West Bank

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is not safe in the West Bank if Israel withdraws, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said yesterday.

Bennett said: “He has no real authority on the ground and will not exist more than one and a half minutes if the Israeli army withdrew from the West Bank.”

He continued: “Does Abbas think he offers us something or that he’s doing us a favour when he does not go to the UN? Let him go and do whatever he likes!”

The minister from the Jewish Home Party said Abbas would be the first one to be harmed if he went to the UN. “He knows that an indictment will face Fatah’s leadership there. I advise him not to threaten us. He is benefitting from the continuation of talks more than us.”

Regarding the news about a new batch of 400 prisoners to be released for extending negotiations beyond the upcoming deadline, Bennett said: “This news was released before its time. April has not started yet.”

He said: “This will not happen. The government will not pass such a decision.” He added that he is not against talks, but he is against paying the price for talks.

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