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US will not give Syrian opposition anti-aircraft missiles

US Secretary of State John Kerry reconfirmed that the US administration is opposed to providing the Syrian opposition anti-aircraft missiles during a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russian media reported yesterday.

Following his meeting with Kerry in Paris, Lavrov said the US Secretary of State confirmed Washington's refusal to arm the fighters of the Syrian opposition with anti-aircraft missiles.

Russia Today quoted Lavrov as saying Washington's refusal is fully consistent with the agreements between the two parties not to send mobile rocket systems to hotspots.

The comments were made following the broadcast of reports stating that the US president is considering the possibility of sending portable air defence systems, known as the Manbads, to the moderate factions of the Syrian opposition's fighters to balance the military powers with the Assad regime.

The press reports were released amid the visit of the US president to Saudi Arabia on Friday, where the Kingdom's government is calling for strengthening the Syrian opposition forces.

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