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Erdogan criticises International silence on death sentences in Egypt

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticised the international community over its silence on the death sentences being issued against supporters of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

After only two brief sessions, an Egyptian court recently sentenced 529 Egyptians to death over the killing of one police officer. Rights groups have decried the sham hearing and ruling, but the international community has largely remained silent.

Erdogan’s remarks about the case came during a parliamentary meeting of the Justice and Development Party’s ruling bloc. He said: “I am addressing the world and my country, from the parliament, regarding the decision to execute 529 people [in Egypt].”

The Turkish prime minister pointed out that the international silence illustrates how there are double standards in the West regarding justice and rights, asking if: “The world stands up for Twitter, why don’t you speak out about this? Is human life that cheap?”

“Within 20 minutes, the court issued a decision to execute 529 people. Although the death sentence is banned in the European Union (EU), no serious voice has been heard from the EU or other countries, such as the United States and Russia,” Erdogan added.

He continued: “Why don’t we hear their voices, while you are raising yours? Our hearts are breaking and our faith commits us to do so.”

Source: Ankara

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