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Let's just suppose...

May 4, 2014 at 3:35 pm

Let’s just suppose that it was a Palestinian state holding 1.5 million Israeli Jews under siege to the point that their health sector was on the verge of collapsing, the economy was in tatters and almost 50% of adults were unemployed.

Let’s just suppose that Palestinians were occupying Israel and subjecting Israeli Jews to racist pass laws, roadblocks and house demolitions.

Let’s just suppose that it was Palestinians who bombed and invaded occupied Israeli territory, killing 1,400 people, one-third of them children, using illegal munitions to do so.

Let’s just suppose that hundreds of thousands of Palestinian settlers were taking Israeli Jews’ land, and building monstrous settlements on it, in defiance of international laws and conventions.

Let’s just suppose that it was Palestinians building Palestinian-only roads across Israeli land.

Let’s just suppose that it was a Jewish student shot and wounded by Palestinian security forces and allowed to bleed to death because an ambulance was prevented from getting to him.

Let’s just suppose that it was a ship full of sympathisers – and let’s call it Exodus 1947, shall we – taking humanitarian aid to Israelis under siege by Palestinians, which was hijacked in international waters by Palestinian commandos and had its passengers deported back to Europe.

Let’s just suppose that it was Palestinian air force jets and navy gunboats which attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, in international waters, killing 34 crew members and wounding 170.

Let’s just suppose that the Palestinian Authority was holding 8,000 Israelis in its prisons, many without trial, while Israel held one Palestinian soldier captured while on active duty against Israelis.

Let’s just suppose that Palestinians had built a wall to control the lives of millions of Israelis, stopping them from having access to schools, hospitals, farms, jobs and water sources.

Let’s just suppose that Palestinian gunboats fired daily on Israeli fishermen going about their lawful work well inside their own territorial waters.

Let’s just suppose that it was democratically-elected Israeli Jewish MPs who were threatened with deportation from their home city by Palestinian occupation authorities.

Let’s just suppose that the Palestinians refused to accept the democratic will of the Israelis and started to arrest and assassinate Israeli politicians.

Let’s just suppose that it was a state of Palestine in which racial discrimination against Israeli Jews was not only lawful but encouraged; where “no Jews allowed” signs appeared on housing advertisements.

Let’s just suppose that it was Israeli rabbis and community leaders who were libelled and labelled “hate preachers” by pro-Palestinian activists intent on having them locked-up and deported.

Let’s just suppose so many things.

What do you suppose the rest of the world would do?