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New appointments in Saudi Arabia renew questions regarding 'Mujtahidd'

New questions were raised regarding the identity of "Mujtahidd", the person behind the famous Twitter account due to his latest leaks on the ruling family in Saudi Arabia. This is due to the fact that his most recent predictions which he tweeted five days ago regarding "expected changes in senior sovereign positions" were true.

Several royal decrees were announced resulting in the appointment of Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as Deputy Defence Minister, after being relieved from his position as Prince of Riyadh and the appointment of Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz as the new Riyadh governor, in place of Prince Khalid.

"Mujtahidd", whose identity still remains unknown, revealed on his Twitter account on May 9th the expected changes and reshuffling of various positions, most notable of which was the Ministry of Defence. He believes these changes aim to put the Saudi monarch's sons and those loyal to them in control of the important ministries, paving the way to remove the Saudi monarch from power and replace him with his son and Minister of the National Guard Mutaib bin Abdullah.

"Mujtahidd" revealed that the man behind the decisions regarding the appointments was Khalid al-Tuwaijri (president of the royal court), in co-ordination with the King and his son Mutaib. He also revealed that the purpose for these decisions was to lay the foundation for Mutaib to rise to power.

He also noted that there would be changes in the Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, and Interior, as well as other less important positions that must be changed in accordance with the major changes.

"Mujtahidd's" Twitter account is well-known in Saudi Arabia and it leaks information about the ruling family in Saudi Arabia. Although the identity is still unknown, most people believe it is either the Saudi activist in London, Sa'ad Al-Faqih or one of the princes who has embarrassed Riyadh by bringing up various issues such as the financial corruption in Saudi Arabia and who was brought back to Saudi Arabia from Switzerland in June 2003. Many believe whoever is behind the account has "an Islamist background".

Source: Arabi21

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