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Sheikh Raed Salah's office bugged by Israeli telecommunications company

The Islamic Movement confirmed that a wiretapping device was concealed inside a telecommunication box installed by a Bezeq (Israeli telecommunications company) employee in the office of Sheikh Ra’ed Salah, chairperson of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

The Islamic Movement reported that a Bezeq employee arrived at the Movement’s offices in Umm al-Fahim on the March 13th, following an unexpected fault in the telephone lines, which required Bezeq sending a technician to investigate. The technician arrived and after having checked the lines, replaced the telephone wires box and reactivated the line.

Yet the unexpected line fault aroused suspicion and the new box was checked and a sophisticated micro microphone was discovered inside the plastic covering of the new box, almost undetectable, and was only found after the inside layer of the plastic case was broken open.

The Islamic Movement said it was concerned by “the malicious practices of hacking into citizens’ phones, tapping them, and violating their privacy, a representation of the total opposite of Israel’s claims about it being a democratic country and a defender of human rights.”

The Islamic Movement are currently considering their next move and whether to file a lawsuit against Bezeq, as well as contacting the Israeli Attorney General for the reasons behind this tapping of the Islamic Movement’s offices, and the whole Arab sector in general.

The Islamic Movement said that “this ill practice (was) a part of the full picture of the political persecution performed by the police system against it and its chairperson Sheikh Ra’ed Salah, who faced numerous unfounded accusations and unfair court rulings ranging from fines, imprisonment, and exile.”

Images below from pls48.net

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