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Israel in shock after Hamas launches drone

Israel is in shock after a drone was launched by Izzaddin Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, on Monday morning. The drone flew from Gaza towards Israel.

Yediouth Ahronoth reported that Israeli air defences fired a patriot anti-missile rocket that brought down the drone as it flew into Ashdod airspace.

Israeli army radio warned the danger this measure taken by Hamas could pose. It noted that the movement could use these drones in the future for offensive missions raiding sensitive Zionist targets, which if hit could result in huge losses of lives and property.

The radio said that the Ashdod port is a highly sensitive area because it hosts petrochemical factories. Any attack that uses water could lead to thousands of casualties.

The radio was dismayed that the Israeli air force, which is flying intensely over Gaza, could not discover the Hamas drone and shoots it down while it was still in Gaza airspace.

The radio was shocked that Hamas had acquired drone technology, pointing out that no Arab countries has developed such an industry.

The radio explained that the military techniques and expertise shown by Hamas in the military field should cause concern within decision making quarters in Tel Aviv.

Ha'aretz newspaper also reported that international pressures are building upon Netanyahu and are demanding an immediate ceasefire.

The newspaper noted that Russian President Vladamir Putin is already expressing discomfort over the death of civilians during the ongoing aggression on Gaza.

Israeli media continue to hold the coup authorities in Egypt responsible for prolonging the war that is being waged by Israel on the Gaza Strip because of their refusal to mediate between Tel Aviv and Hamas on the one hand and their insistence on the other hand that no ceasefire deal would be allowed to be concluded without their involvement.

A commentator for the Maariv newspaper said that General Sisi insists on continuing the war because he is interested in inflicting as much damage as possible on Hamas and its leaders.

In an article published on Monday evening the commentator said, "What to do? General Sisi is personally enjoying seeing the houses of every Hamas leader turn into rubble."

It was disclosed that Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu had asked the US administration to intervene to end the current war. It was noted that Netanyahu wanted to involve the international community in order to put pressure on his cabinet in the hope that he is can convince his right wing ministers of the necessity of stopping the war.

Source: Arabi21

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