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Saudi poll shows massive support for Palestinian resistance

A poll conducted by Rakin Saudi pollsters has disclosed that 95 per cent of the Saudi people support the continuation of Palestinian resistance factions. Only 3 per cent of those questioned disagreed with the groups.

The poll, which included 2,000 Saudis and was published by the country’s leading pollster, showed that 82 per cent of the sample supported the firing of rockets against Israel; only 14 per cent opposed it.

While 97 per cent of the sample believed that the Israeli onslaught on Gaza was unjustified, 3 per cent said that it was in self-defence. More than two-thirds of those questioned supported military action against Israel, with just under one-fifth opposing it.

When asked about Hamas, 86 per cent of the respondents identified it correctly as a resistance movement. Four per cent noted that it is an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood “and is there to serve its agenda”. Two per cent believe that it is an Iranian organisation, with 1 per cent said that Hamas is an “Israeli tool”.

A majority, 51 Per cent, of those asked by the Saudi poll held the Arab regimes responsible for what is going on in Gaza; 40 per cent said that Israel has the greatest responsibility. Just 3 per cent blamed Hamas; 5 per cent put the blame on the West.

Almost three-quarters of the Saudis polled said that they would volunteer to fight in Palestine. One-fifth couldn’t say what they would do.

In order to achieve justice, said 86 per cent, the occupation must end. Almost 10 per cent thought that a single state solution would be best. Just 4 per cent supported the two-state solution.

As reported by Arabi 21

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