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Arabs are anti-political Islam but pro-political Judaism

When some Arabs label resistance as terrorism and the chickens in the false “moderation” coop praise Netanyahu’s eloquent Hebrew, the Zionists have the right to dream of heading the Arab Summit Foundation and advertising in Arab newspapers that they are accepting volunteers in the Israel army. Why not?

When the Arab Zionists, who are establishing a hostile position against the Palestinian resistance on the grounds that, according to their perspective, the resistance represents political Islam, why not indeed? They do not even feel ashamed as they, knowingly or unknowingly, roll up their sleeves to support what is, in effect, political Judaism.

We know that Israel is an ideal embodiment of the concept of a religious state. Therefore, it is strange and rare to find Arab states which claim blatantly that they are against supporting and serving political Zionism.

No one remarked about the meaning of the measure taken by the Israeli Knesset about a year before the start of the latest barbaric aggression on Gaza. In the midst of the protest against the rule of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, and the mobilisation of the counter-revolution of the masses against the rule of “political Islam”, the Israeli right-wing bloc, consisting of Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu and the Jewish Home Parties in the Israeli coalition government, passed a revised text of the draft law considering Israel to be a “Jewish state with a democratic system”. The previous text which described Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state” was replaced.

This occurred on Wednesday June 26, 2013, four days before the counter-revolution against Egypt’s Arab Spring. According to Haaretz newspaper, the right-wing Zionist extremists tried to formulate the state on religious ethnic foundations, preferring the Jewish identity of the state over its democratic characteristics, which countries today are trying to revive.

In addition, Yedioth Ahranoth newspaper reported that the national law which MK Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home Party worked on in accordance with an understanding with Likud, is in line with a draft law presented the day before by the MK Ruth Calderon, from Yesh Atid. That calls for adopting the “Israel Declaration of Independence” as a Basic Law, as it dictates the Jewishness of Israel and the consolidation of its principles in judicial and identity resolutions.

In her remarks at the Israeli Knesset, Shaked insisted that, “If we do not determine the principles guiding our lives, others will do so in our stead… Therefore, it is important to consolidate the values of the Jewish state and democracy in legislation as a basis for the constitution.”

Of course, the Arab media, lying on a bed of hatred of political Islam, found nothing wrong with these Zionist measures and continued to promote hatred of the brave Palestinian resistance on the grounds that it represents an extremist project of political Islam. However, the media is turning a blind eye to the blatant fact that Israel is an extremist racist colonial entity, and not, as the “Zionised” Arab elites believe, founded on archaic romantic poetry.

In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu announced in May this year his struggle to pass the “Jewishness of Israel” law. According to a report prepared by my colleague Saleh Al-Na’ami, the Republicans and friends of Israel in the United States remained silent at the time and none of them defended the alleged democracy in Israel.

War criminal and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s talk regarding “a new regional alliance” that joins Israel and Arab states known as the “moderate camp” is not so much an attempt to involve these countries in Israeli political traps as much as it is an expression of the catastrophic Arab reality today. The Arabs have surrendered, like sheep to the slaughter, to the Zionist logic and the leaders in such countries have begun to listen to Israel’s vision of the region. Everyone is now following the Zionist orchestra’s conductor and they are all singing the songs of the war on terror; this refers to all forms of Arab resistance against the Zionist project, which is aiming to redraw the maps of the region. According to Netanyahu, this is a new Sykes-Picot agreement.

Translated from Al-Araby Al-Jadid, 4 July, 2014

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

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