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Algerians gather in solidarity with Gaza

Thousands of Algerians participated in a gathering in Harsha Hassan Hall in Algiers, organised by the Movement of Society for Peace (MSP), Anadolu reported.

A number of Islamic leaders spoke, including the deputy leader of the Salvation Islamic Front Ali Belhadj and the spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas, Ismail Ridwan.

The gatherers chanted: “the nation wants to liberate Palestine” and “Oh, Hamas… Jihad is the basis.” They also held posters with anti-US slogans written on them –”US arms terrorism” and “US, we will not forget Abu-Ghraib prison.”

One of the speakers described what is happening in the Gaza Strip as a “tragedy.” Another said: “Without weapons, Gaza will never be liberated.”

Belhaj denounced the Algerian authorities for banning marches and protests in the capital. “Closed halls are not enough for Algerians who support Gaza,” he said. “Algerians want streets to march in even if this causes them trouble.”

Algerian authorities banned marches and protests in streets in 2001, four days after a protest in Algiers for the rights of the Amazigh (Berbers.) It resulted in the looting of some shops and clashes with the police, demonstrators and local youths.

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