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Israeli TV: Abbas criticises Hamas because of their rise in popularity

Israeli TV Channel 7 said on Friday that the rhetoric war from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas against Hamas is based on the latter's popularity rise after the Israeli war on Gaza.

According to the TV channel Abbas' criticism of Hamas, "does not necessarily reflect an improvement in his image on the Palestinian streets, but proves the change of power balance among Palestinians in favour of Hamas."

It also said that Abbas' agreement with Hamas on the unity government was when they were weak, but he is afraid today that Hamas enjoys strong support.

Channel 7 analysts said that Abbas expects that instead of retaking Gaza from Hamas, Hamas will control the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank thanks to its strong popularity in the streets.

They also likened Abbas and Hamas to ISIS; the Arabs have the best weapons to confront them but they are urging the West and the US to carry out the mission so they are not criticised for challenging Sunni Islamists. Abbas wants Israel to get rid of his enemy, Hamas.

Channel 7 said that threats by Hamas that they will resume firing rockets if Israel does not lift the siege by the end of this month, should be taken seriously.

It noted that the Jewish feasts coincide with the time Hamas threatens to resume firing rockets. Such threats appear to be real considering not much progress to reconstruct Gaza has been made.

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