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Palestinians await results of donor conference

Palestinians are eagerly awaiting the results of the International Conference of the Reconstruction of Gaza, held in Cairo yesterday.

Reconstruction costs:

  • Housing: $1.182 billion
  • Public services: $701 million
  • Economy: $1.235 billion
  • Infrastructure: $1.91 million
  • Government sector: $186 million

Following Israel’s 51 day assault on the Gaza Strip which began in July, Palestinians are still lying among the ruins of their homes and have, until now, only received some food aid and in-kind donations.

while appealing to the world to intervene to solve their problem is seen to this tragedy and rebuild destroyed homes and institutions, infrastructure and rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip and the devastated areas where

The conference in the Egyptian capital on Sunday, the work of the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip at the level of Foreign Ministers under the chairmanship of the United Nations and the European Union to organize an Egyptian Norwegian.

Statements published by IRIN, of the Office of the United Nations, indicate that there has been a decline in the number donors willing to help because they are afraid of the a repeat of the position of 2009 and 2012, in the absence and presence of real commitments by Israel and the Palestinian factions to refrain from further unrest.

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