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Ghannouchi: Ennahda will not allow the return of autocratic rule

October 28, 2014 at 3:14 pm

The leader of Ennahda Islamic movement Rachid Ghannouchi has said that Ennahda will never allow the return of the “idols” of autocratic one-party rule, rigged elections or corruption.

In a public conference held in front of Ennahda headquarters in the capital Tunis, he added: “The future in Tunisia today is for freedom, for Islam, for national unity and for rejecting violence, exclusion and terrorism.”

Ghannouchi explained that “the Tunisian people have been subjected to repeated attempts of cheating and brainwashing but they will remain astute, loyal and proud.”

The movement’s deputy chairman, Abd Al-Hamid Al-Jalasi, said: “the political line of Ennahda and the likely alliances with other parties will be conditional upon the implementation of the revolutionary programme and securing the stability of Tunisia.” He added that the political position is not as important as the programme that will be adopted in the future.

Al-Jalasi added that “the movement will play a major role in the coming years and will be one of the keys to the new political scene, for it is strong and it is a principal party.”

Hundreds of Ennahda supporters gathered on Monday evening in front of the movement’s headquarters hoisting the Tunisian and Ennahdah flags and reiterating slogans in support of their party.

Earlier on Monday, Ennahda conceded that it came second after Nida Tunis Party in the elections.

Ennahda spokesman Ziyad Al-Adhari said that according to the party’s own reckoning Nida Tunis will occupy the first position followed by Ennahda movement in the Tunisian legislative elections that were conducted on Sunday.

Al-Adhari explained that according to our own assessments Nida will gain 80 seats (36 %) while Ennahda will have 70 seats (32 %) in the next parliament which consists of 217 seats.