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Kerry: Iranian strikes against ISIS are 'positive'

US Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday said that an Iranian military strike against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq would be "positive".

Kerry's remarks came after the US Department of Defence announced that Iran carried out strikes against the organisation.

He said: "If Iran is taking on [ISIS] in some particular place… and it has an impact, then it's going to be net effect [that] is positive."

Kerry refused to confirm or deny the reports, saying: "I am not going to make any announcements or confirm or deny the reported military action of another country in Iraq. It is up to them [the Iranians] or up to the Iraqis to do that if it did indeed take place." He added that the US was not co-ordinating militarily with Iran.

Kerry said: "We are obviously flying our missions over Iraq, and we coordinate those missions with the Iraqi government."

The Pentagon announced yesterday that Iranian fighter jets have carried out airstrikes against Islamic State elements in eastern Iraq in recent days.

Spokesman for the US Department of Defence, John Kirby said: "We have indications that they did indeed fly air strikes with F-4 Phantoms in the past several days."

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