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Obama requests powers to use ground forces against ISIS

US President Barack Obama asked Congress to give him new powers to use ground forces to carry out limited operations during emergency situations against the Islamic State (ISIS), a White House official said.

The Anadolu Agency reported White House spokesman Josh Earnest as saying: “President Obama wants to maintain the ability to act in emergency situations, and in some cases, as a quick reaction to emergencies that may require military action, including combat troops on the ground.”

Ernest explained that Obama rejects “any kind of large-scale and long-term commitment to operations similar to what we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past.”

He pointed to the possibility of using ground troops “to rescue US hostages”.

The White House spokesman stressed on the need not to impose “too many restrictions on the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces who needs flexibility to be able to respond to emergency situations that arise in a messy military conflict like this”, referring to the situation in Iraq and Syria.

He noted that giving the President the authorisation will enable him to take quick military action without seeking further powers from Congress.

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