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Sudanese government confirms the continuation of national dialogue

April 24, 2015 at 10:17 am

The Sudanese government confirmed yesterday that national dialogue will continue in the coming period, “as it is considered a main strategy of the state in order to establish a final road map for the political future in the country.”

Sudan’s Minister of Information and government spokesperson Ahmed Bilal Osman said in a statement that once the final announcements of the election results are made, the elected president is sworn in and the elected parliament begins its work, priority will be given to dialogue. He noted that the government is completely dedicated to rescuing the road map document related to the national dialogue and will move forward to achieve the desired goals according to the time frames laid out by the document.

Osman added that the dialogue will be held in accordance with the mutual commitments made by the government and the opposition and in accordance with the ceasefire operations. The rest of the measures will be based on this because they are the basis of the peace process.

He also stressed the importance of the opposition abandoning the logic of using force to change the country and said it must remove all acts of violence and fighting from its agenda. The opposition must work towards taking the necessary steps to build confidence and create an atmosphere which is conducive to holding dialogue and achieving a comprehensive peace and stability, Osman explained.

Adding that all parties concerned are contributing to creating the appropriate atmosphere to begin the inclusive national dialogue process.