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Strong Egypt Party: Regime dragging Egypt into civil war

The Strong Egypt Party has criticised the ruling regime saying it will drag the country into “civil war”.

Headed by Dr Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, a former presidential candidate, the party’s remarks came in response to the execution of six people.

The party’s media spokesman, Ahmed Imam, said in a press statement: “The rush to implement the death penalty in similar cases that have clear political dimensions under present circumstances will lead us into a path that will be hard to return from.”

Imam explained: “To insist on implementing those rulings in cases that stirred a lot of confusion where the accused are believed to have been detained before the offences were committed threatens social peace and drags the country into an unknown fate.”

He warned that “the Egyptian regime’s unprecedented escalation against its opponents over the past few days will drag the country into civil strife and will only increase the state of tension in society.”

In March, the Supreme Military Court of Appeals upheld an earlier death sentence against seven people.

The convicts are:

1. Mohammed Bakri Muhammad Harun, 31, an accountant and graduate of commerce

2. Hani Mustafa Amin Amer, 31, a graduate of chemistry

3. Muhammad Ali Afifi, 33, bachelor of law

4. Abdul Rahman Sayed Rizk, 19, high school student

5. Khalid Faraj Mohammed, 27, graduate of commerce

6. Islam Syed Ahmed Ibrahim, 26, bachelor of tourism