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Hamas denies Egyptian accusations regarding founder’s death

May 25, 2015 at 11:02 am

Senior Hamas leader Musa Abu-Marzouq denied on Sunday Egyptian accusations that Islamic Jihad leader Ramadhan Shallah is responsible for the death of Hamas founder, Quds Press reported.

Posting on his Facebook page, Abu-Marzouq described Shallah a “respected brother,” stressing that it is not allowed for anyone to harm his reputation.

“It is not possible for anyone from the public to utter these accusations,” Abu-Marzouq, who lives in Cairo, said. “What about when these accusations are delivered by an Egyptian official?”

The Justice Minister Ahmed Al-Zind claimed that Shallah had passed information about Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin to the Israeli occupation that led to his assassination 11 years ago.

Abu-Marzouq said that Yassin knew about the people who followed him and passed information about him to the Israeli occupation, but he ignored them.

Yassin, who was quadriplegic, was targeted with three rockets launched from an Israeli apache on March 22, 2004, while he was leaving a mosque in central Gaza. Nine worshipers were killed in the same incident.