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Israel threatens President Abbas: Our tanks are sweeping the West Bank within 24 hours

June 15, 2015 at 11:31 am

Press reports said on Sunday that the Israeli government had sent a “direct threat” to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas earlier this month, demanding him and the Palestinian leadership to be “patient and stay calm until the end of this year, and to stop their illusions about isolating Israel”.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Alrai quoted Palestinian sources close to the presidency as saying that “these threats came during a meeting that was held between a senior Israeli security official and the Chief of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh”.

The Israeli official reportedly pointed to “the need for the Palestinian leadership to stop its fake threats about halting the security coordination and dissolving the Palestinian Authority, and if that happens our tanks would be sweeping the West Bank within 24 hours, and we have a complete plan for the management of the West Bank in a better way than the one that is currently in place.”