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Egypt seizes 16 hospitals for alleged affiliation with the Brotherhood

The Egyptian committee tasked with confiscating and managing the funds of the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to seize 16 hospitals allegedly owned by the movement.<

The hospitals sieged were:

  • Al-Safwa Hospital, Cairo
  • Fatah Medical Centre, Cairo
  • Sakyet Mekki, Cairo
  • Abdel Fattah Shahin Medical Centre, Cairo
  • Tiba 1 Hospital, Gharbiya
  • Al-Shorouk Hospital, Gharbiya
  • Musah Hospital, Tanta
  • Tiba 2 Hospital, Qutour
  • Abul Azm Hopital, Mahalla
  • Nour Hopital, Mahalla
  • Toyour Al-Ganna Hopital, Zefta
  • Al-Hamad Hospital, Zefta
  • Salam Hospital, Kafr El-Zayyat
  • Al-Shorouk Hospital, Damietta
  • Salam Private Hospital, Damietta

The committee’s secretary Dr Mohamed Yasser Abul Fotouh said the hospitals, which are located in five governorates across the country, will be placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Abul Fotouh said that the hospitals will be placed under the full responsibility of the Ministry of Health. He noted that all hospitals continue to operate and offer medical services as normal.