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Iceland’s capital boycotts Israeli products

The city council of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, adopted a decision to boycott all Israeli products, not only settlement products due to Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank and its policy of apartheid.

The council did not make a list of specific companies or products it intends to boycott, meaning that the decision is comprehensive.

The council also adopted a resolution supporting the Palestinians’ right to an independent and sovereign state and expressed its displeasure and bitterness towards the Israeli policy of apartheid adopted by the Israeli government.

The party that proposed the resolution, the Social Democratic Alliance, has a majority in the city council, but not in the Icelandic parliament.

In response to the resolution, Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said: “A volcano of hatred is erupting out of the city council building in Reykjavik. Without any reason or justification, other than pure hatred, we hear calls to boycott Israel. We hope someone in Iceland comes to their senses and stops the blindness and the one-sidedness that is directed at Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.”

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