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The Knife Intifada

Neither the Oslo Accords nor their collusion with the Arab leaders over the years has saved them from the outbreak of a new intifada staged by the Oslo Accords generation. This same generation, which they believed they were creating and moulding under their watchful eyes, has now risen up and awoken the fathers before them who fell into the Oslo slumber, believing that Palestine would return to them by means of this shameful agreement. However, they are being forcibly displaced from their remaining territories. Hundreds of settlements are being built on this land and inhabited by Jews from across the world. They were brought in to take the place of the indigenous people, to occupy their land and homes, and Judaise any Arab traces as part of the largest confiscation operation in history before the eyes and ears of the world, amid Arab silence highlighted by this intifada.

They have all rushed to the leader of the Oslo Accords and the Israelis’ agent in the occupied Palestinian territories to ask him to work on calming the brave youth who struck fear and panic in the hearts of the cowardly Israelis. However, these young individuals who risked their lives for God, first and foremost, and for their homeland, did not respond to the man who sold the cause and gave up their land. They moved forward with their uprising, which spread from Jerusalem and Nablus to Jericho, spreading across the entire West Bank, unafraid of the treacherous bullets. Instead they stood before these bullets bare-chested, staging an act of heroism and sacrifice that will go down in history. Everyone believed that the Palestinian people, especially those living in the West Bank, had become weak and surrendered to the status quo, while Israel rested and slept soundly. However, a generation was born to say that we are a nation that does not surrender or weaken; we are still alive and well, and the blood beating in our veins is full of dignity and pride; either victory or martyrdom. They have said that if they are fated to die martyrs, they do not mind, as it brings them closer to God, and a sacrifice they make for Him, in order to win the victory promised to them by God.

Is this the Third Intifada?

Rising tensions in the Occupied Territories have led to dozens of deaths and hundreds of clashes.
Are we witnessing the Third Intifada?

This is the great Palestinian people; the pride and dignity of the Muslim nation. The Israelis have tried to break these people and humiliate them in order to break and humiliate the entire Muslim nation, but they did not expect their perseverance, steadfastness, and faith, which have allowed them to carry the entire nation’s honour on their shoulders. This is despite the fact that their Arab brethren disappointed them, while the leaders betrayed them and colluded with the Israeli occupier, allowing the enemy to besiege and starve the Palestinians, as well as plot against them.

The Knife Intifada is only one episode in the series of the ongoing struggle which has not and will not be broken until Palestine is liberated from the sea to the river and is rid of the Israeli desecration. It will not end until Jerusalem returns to us and Al-Aqsa Mosque is restored to the Muslims. The Knife Intifada has hindered their plans to divide the mosque temporally and spatially, between the Muslims and Jews. However, this uprising broke out to stop this absurdity, to shame Abbas and expose him as disgraceful. Down with this illusion of an authority, down with the Oslo Accords, and may the armed struggle be restored, because Palestine will only be liberated with national resistance. Negotiations do not liberate a nation, nor do they build a state; they only build piles of garbage that are fated to be burned and turned into ash.

May God bless the people of the third intifada. Go on with your intifada, our hearts are with you. Do not despair or give up; our enemy and yours is hurting and is living in a state of panic and fear, while you are standing before their bullets with courage and pride and you are dying as martyrs with smiles on your faces.

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