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Landslides in Gaza after Egypt floods border

Large areas of soil collapsed yesterday evening in Gaza’s border town of Rafah as a result of Egypt pumping sea water into the area.

Local residents living east of Rafah near the Saladin Gate, southern Gaza Strip, told Quds Press that large and sudden collapses occurred in the soil and cracks because of the Egyptian army pumping seawater into the ground.

A local resident said: “These are serious landslides which threaten our homes.”

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior in Gaza said the “multiple landslides in the soil have created huge holes in the ground in the border area, east of Saladin Gate in southern Gaza”.

“The national security forces and civil defence rushed to the area to protect citizens,” it added.

The Egyptian army began last month flooding the border area with the Gaza Strip under the pretext of destroying tunnels.

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